Ong Hup Heng The Cooling System Specialists 王合兴水柜有限公司 Ong Hup Heng (OHH)
Radiator Trading Sdn Bhd
王合兴水柜贸易有限公司 The Cooling System Specialist Radiator Trading OEM & KOYORAD SUPPLIER IN MALAYSIA Official Distributor of KOYORAD

One of the Largest Suppliers of OEM Radiators in Malaysia

Fast Delivery Throughout Malaysia

Over 30 Years of Industry Experience

Quality Products at Competitive Prices

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About Us

OHH Radiator Trading Sdn Bhd was formed in 2014, has since become one of the largest independent suppliers of OEM radiators in Malaysia . We have designed OEM radiators that are suitable for most of the cars and trucks that driven on the road. We do also provide servicing and cleaning for your current radiators or intercoolers at attractive price ranges.

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